2 blocks Internal Medicine 5 blocks Sparrow Inpatient PM&R 5 blocks Sparrow Inpatient PM&R 3 blocks Sparrow Inpatient PM&R
2 blocks Inpatient Neurology 2 blocks Flint Inpatient PM&R 2 blocks Mary Free Bed SCI 3 blocks EMG/Sparrow Professional Building
1 block ICU 2 blocks Flint Pain 1 block Mary Free Bed Pediatric PM&R 2 blocks Selective
1 block Trauma Surgery 2 blocks McLaren Lansing Consults 1 block McLaren Lansing Consults 1 block Elective
1 block Inpatient Pediatrics 1 block Sparrow Professional Building 1 block Sparrow Professional Building 1 block Sports Medicine
1 block Emergency Medicine 1 block Outpatient Neurology 1 block Flint Inpatient PM&R 1 block Eyde Building
1 block Family Medicine   1 block P&O / Occ Health 1 block Flint Pain
1 block OMM   1 block Ortho / Selective 1 block Flint Inpatient PM&R
1 block Rheumatology      
1 block Radiology      
1 block Sparrow Inpatient PM&R      

Monday morning didactic from 7AM to 12PM.


  1. Electrodiagnostic (EDX) Medicine Rotation
  2. Flint McLaren Inpatient Rotation
  3. Flint McLaren Outpatient Clinic Pain
  4. Industrial/Occupational Rehabilitation
  5. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Overview
  6. Orthopedic Outpatient Rotation
  7. Manual Medicine Rotation
  8. Mary Free Bed Hospital Spinal Cord Injury
  9. Mary Free Bed Pediatric Rehabilitation
  10. McLaren Greater Lansing Outpatient/Consult Rotation
  11. Neurology Outpatient Rotation

Rotation Sites


Sparrow Hospital

  • 676 bed hospital, Level 1 Trauma Center, 40 rehabilitation beds situated in Lansing, MI
  • Recently renovated inpatient rehabilitation floor (Mary Free Bed at Sparrow Hospital) in 2015
  • Base site for the Michigan State PM&R residency
  • Will take care of all general rehabilitation injuries including stroke, TBI, SCI, poly-trauma, amputations, etc.
  • Residents will do their entire PGY-1 categorical year here
  • Residents will do most of their inpatient rehabilitation rotations here. Responsible for managing the inpatient rehabilitation floor and consults (adult and pediatric). Main outpatient office located here in Sparrow Professional Building across the street where you will do EMG clinics and Senior resident continuity clinic.

mary free bed

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

  • 167 rehabilitation bed hospital situated in Grand Rapids, MI
  • After recent expansion, it is the fifth-largest free-standing rehabilitation hospital in the country
  • Michigan State PM&R residents will do dedicated Spinal Cord Injury and Pediatric Rehabilitation rotations here

mclaren lansing

McLaren Hospital of Greater Lansing

  • 310 bed hospital situated in Lansing, MI
  • Residents will do inpatient consults and outpatient EMGs here

mclaren flint

McLaren Hospital of Flint

  • 378 bed hospital, 18 rehabilitation beds situated in Flint, MI
  • Residents will be responsible for managing the inpatient rehabilitation floor
  • Also the site for Pain medicine and outpatient PM&R clinics


Eyde Building

  • Outpatient site in East Lansing, MI situated on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University
  • Disciplines covered include: interventional pain management, musculoskeletal ultrasound, OMM, sports medicine, EMGs, and IMEs