East Lansing, MI Doctor Receives Award at AOCPMR’s Conclave of Fellows

Dr. Prokop ImageThe American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is pleased to announce that, at the Conclave of Fellows, Lawrence Prokop, D.O. has been honored with the Distinguished Fellow Award of the College. This honor is conferred upon a very limited number of highly distinguished American Osteopathic Association certified specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation who meet specified criteria for consideration and who have achieved regional, national,

and international recognition for their clinical expertise, teaching, research, administrative and organizational leadership, public service and other accomplishments that have elevated the status of Osteopathic PM&R; and whose involvement in the Osteopathic medical profession has brought conspicuous recognition to the AOA and Osteopathic PM&R in particular.


Dr. Prokop is an associate professor with Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine's (MSUCOM) Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a clinical associate professor for the International College of Osteopathic Medicine in Milan, Italy. An MSUCOM graduate, Dr. Prokop is a member of several professional medical associations and is a Trustee for the Michigan Osteopathic Association. He is on the governor’s Advisory Committee on Pain and Symptom Management and is an Ingham Osteopathic Association past president. The Michigan Osteopathic Association represents more than 8,000 osteopathic physicians and students and promotes osteopathic medicine in Michigan by shaping the health care delivery system to better serve the community. To learn more about the MOA and osteopathic medicine, visit the MOA website at www.mi-osteopathic.org.